There are 2 types of Offline Raid Protection, ORP and ORP+.

ORP gives your base 3x resistance and 3x turret damage. Ammo is consumed. ORP is NOT 100% protected. it is only stronger. Tribes may claim upto 3 ORP locations per map using chat command* /setorp*. ORP protection expires after 30days. renewals are unlimited.

ORP+ Gives your base 100% Offline Raid protection. Structures and Tames cannot be damaged within the ORP+ sphere when all tribe members are logged out. Tribes may claim only 1 ORP+ base per map using the chat command: /setorp+ ORP+ Protection expires after 30days of no player activity. Unlike ORP, ORP+ does not need to be renewed each month.

Tribe Limit per map


Structure Resistance33%100%
Turret Damage3x1x
Turret Ammo NormalUnlimited
ORP Expires30 days30 Days
Active Players prevent ExpireNOYES

Time To Activate

30 mins1min
Chat Commands